If you have an engagement ring idea, wedding bands, or any other piece of jewelry that you have always wanted to bring to life please get in touch. 

I am always open to meeting to discuss creative collaborations and custom work. Recently I have started to work with old gold and diamonds, gemstones, etc. This may be jewelry that you have always had in your family/ personal collection, that you would never wear yourself but hold onto for its sentimental value. 

 I also have great sources for recycled gold, new metals, diamonds and most other gemstones! With the right amount of time I am usually able to find what my clients are looking for. I do my very best to work within a clients budget, and am mostly able to suggest the right material types to suit it. 

After scheduling an initial meeting, preferably in person, the completion of a project can take anywhere from 4- 8 weeks. I strongly advise meeting earlier then later as these things take time transpire. If you could please fill out my "Request a Consultation" form I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I look forward to the hearing from you and the potential to work together on future projects!