Jewelry Care

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All Sarah Sears Jewelry should be stored in it’s original box, or away from other pieces, so as to prevent scratches to the surface or damage to the sterling silver backs, which are inherently fragile.

Patinas and Gold tone brass finishes are impermanent in nature and will change over time. Patinas will wear away gradually and gold tones will deepen as they oxidize. We encourage you to embrace these changes and enjoy your jewellery as it evolves. Please read on for the best ways to care for your pieces.

Direct contact with perfumes, lotions, cosmetics and aerosols can speed up the development of oxidization on gold tone brass jewellery and wear away any blue or black patinas. Remove all jewellery when showering, swimming and exercising. Humid environments will accelerate the process of oxidization, so keeping jewelry away from water is always advised.

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The easiest way to maintain the gold tone of any brass pieces, is to wipe down with a polishing cloth after each wear. If polishing with a cloth alone is not enough to remove any tough stains, read on for a natural polish and cleanser option.

Mix juice of half a lemon with a teaspoon of baking soda in order to form a paste. Using a cloth, apply the paste to your jewellery and rub in one direction. Repeat until clean, wipe off the paste, rinse with water and pat dry. Once dry, polish vigorously with a jewelry polishing cloth.

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Should you find that your earring backs break or any other wear and tear occurs that you wish to have improved, do get in touch! We want your jewels to stay looking their best, so Sarah is happy to repair for a small fee or free of cost, depending on the age of the item and the damage in each case.